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Just a quick question i thought some on here could help me with.

I'm doing my AAT level three at the moment and i am hoping to get a fast track training contract at the end of it. The reason i'm waiting till the end of my studies is that my A Level results were terrible, however with level three under my belt i will have enough UCAS points to apply. However i'm worried they will look down on my application because of my bad A level results. Do you think they would look down on my application because of my A level results or could they look favourably on it because i've passed AAT Level three?


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    Hi there,

    I've been faced with a similar situation in that I don't have A level results but want to continue to ACA. It is an aread that I have explored lots and my answer is.... it depends !

    I've taken part in a few careers events (both careers fairs and online) and spoken with managers from a range of ACA authorised training employers.

    Some of these were absolutely adamant that it was necessary to have very good A level grades (and some only took graduates not college leavers) others were more flexible and invited me to send in a CV. I think the best thing to do is to spend some time looking at the websites of practices that offer training vacancies and trying to figure out which ones may be the best match for your profile.

    There is info about applying for a training contract here

    Also ICAEW have a number of Facebook groups. If you follow their pages you will get info about upcoming career events. If there is one near you I'd definitely recommend trying to go along and meet with some hiring managers to gain a fuller understanding of what exactly they are looking for in candidates.

    Good luck :)
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