Re; Can we revise BTX?

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Is anyone doing business tax? would you be able to work out task 1 on the sample cba on line 2010?

Thanks in advance


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    Busines tax task 1.3

    The question is
    Harry and V1 are in partnership, their accounting ends 31 of October and their recent adjusted trading profit are
    on 31 Dec 09 V1 left the partnership and on 1st of Jan 10 Russel join the partner

    31 oct 08 7560
    31 oct 09 9000
    31 oct 10 9480
    31 oct 11 4920
    What is the profit assessable on V1 2009/10
    Harry profit assessable 2009/10
    Russell profit assesable 2009/10
    Russell profit assessable 2010/11
    Rusell profit assessabel 2011/12

    Thanks in advance
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    Business Tax

    Is anyone studying Business Tax at the moment? would it be possible for me to get an answer from anyone

    Thank you
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