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Not sure why my books for sale isn't coming up in the right section but I basically have most tutorial and workbooks for sale for level 4 (Osborne) and a few for level 3.

Pm or email if anyone's interested. All good and only want £5.00 each
[email protected]


  • niccham79niccham79 Settling In Nicely Posts: 16Registered
    Hi Beavis,
    do you have one for Financial Statements and is it up to date (to include the new coverage?)
  • beavis182beavis182 Well-Known Posts: 130Registered
    Hi, No the only unit I have to do left is Financial Statements and I think its not up to date due to the new coverage from September.
  • beavis182beavis182 Well-Known Posts: 130Registered
    I have the following books for sale. If anyone is interested please PM or email me [email protected]

    Level 4
    BPP - Financial Performance
    Osborne - Implementing Audit Procedures
    Osborne - Financial Performance Workbook
    Osborne - Financial Performance Tutorial
    Osborne - Budget Workbook
    Osborne - Budget Tutorial
    Osborne - Business Tax Tutorial
    Osborne - Business Tax Workbook
    Osborne - Personal Tax Tutorial

    Level 3
    Osborne - Financial Records and Accounts Tutorial
    Osborne - Financial Records and Accounts Workbook
    Osborne - Costing & Reports Workbook
    Osborne - Costing & Reports Tutorial

    Frank Woods A Level Accounting
    Ian Harrison A - Z Accounting
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