Financial Performance - Section 2

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Good Morning,

Can anyone help me with section 2 and the methods behind the questions. I have made various notes and when I complete the questions without my notes, I don't grasp the questions.
I have sat this exam 3 times (and failed) and struggling to put practice into words.
I would be greatful if anyone could share there experiances or revision techniques. I really really want to get this done and out of the way now




  • freck59
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    Hi Joanne,

    I've not taken this exam yet - its scheduled for 11th December but tutor is thinking of putting it back to January as the majority of the class are sitting there looking like rabbits caught in headlights!

    One thing I've found - which you may already have looked at, so apols if you have - is the extended writing task guidance on the AAT main site.

    If you go to "My AAT", the Study Support for Revised.... ; Practice Assessment & Study Support booklets; AAT Level 4 Diploma and finally you get to Extended Writing Task Guidance. I've looked at this several times to try and get a 'pattern' in my head of how to approach it. I've also looked at the old papers and just printed off the answer sheets which have key phrases like "an analysis of the ???? leads to an adverse (favourable) variance which is explained by.....

    Once you have those sort of key phrases you may be able to slot in the reasons. Personally if I have a starting point for a sentence I could go on for ever but if I can't think of a way to start the sentence I can't explain my knowledge and of course thats what they want us to do. Not just 'do the sums' but explain why we're doing them and what effect it has.

    Having said all that I'm not confident at all so lots more repetitive cramming for me!
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