FinPerf.. Gambia... Blank!

BeccaLouJ9 FMAAT Posts: 896 Regular contributor ⭐ 😼 ⭐
Ok, so I get back from a week away in The Gambia, to find that I have completely forgotten every single thing I had learnt about Financial Performance!!!!! Not Cool!!

I'm going to get stuck into the books for the next four hours, so see you on the other side!!! :)

B x


  • snowmarauder
    snowmarauder Registered Posts: 99 💫 🐯 💫
    Ive took 2 days off to intense study plus with the weekend ahead and hubbie away ive got myself and the dogs too please and organise, feel loads better already but still a lot to do. You know what they say, get up dust yourself off and get on with it. Practice makes perfect. A bit more effort and we will get there, positive thinking all the way ;0)
  • Kayleighz
    Kayleighz Registered Posts: 3 New contributor 🐸
    I failed performance again for the 3rd time. Have booked in re-sit on 12th December hoping it will be 4th time lucky but my confidence is fading quicker each time. This is one of the exams i find that they really muck around with the questions. Lets hope the next exam is a nice one. good luck to everyone who is about to sit this exam xx
  • uknitty
    uknitty Registered Posts: 591
    I'm in on Wednesday for mine. Dreading it to be honest !
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