Paper VAT registration - new 64-8?

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Sorry silly question alert!

I am completing a paper VAT registration for a client and will submit to HMRC with a coverling letter as we will be applying for the FRS at the same time. Do I need to include a 64-8 just for VAT or will they automatically register agent details if I include relevant details in the covering letter? If I need a 64-8 do I need to wait until we know the VAT registration number or can I submit it as not yet known?



  • LynWest
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    I do not see the harm in including a 64-8 form as well, at least that way you know that you are being authorised at the same time and thats not going to hold things up. I have sent covering letters before thinking they will automatically up my agent details and they didn't and it just holds everything up then having to go back and get the 64-8 signed. There is a box to tick in the VAT section of the 64-8 to say that your are not registered yet. I would tick that and manually write on it that it has been applied for.

    Hope that helps :)
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    Personally, I do all VAT registrations online and then send the VAT600FRS once the VAT number comes through. It seems to get processed quicker this way.

    I would also wait until I have the VAT number before sending the 64-8 as the VAT office tend to just send it on to Longbenton without logging anything.
  • Gem7321
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    Thanks for your replies.

    Dean that's interesting that it's quicker to wait for the VAT reg then submit the VAT600FRS. In that case I think I will do the registration online after all.

    Thanks again
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