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Well I originally had my Financial Performance on 15th December. I have been really really panicking about this exam as I have total lack of motivation along with flying out to Egypt on Monday would have left me with 1 week for revision which also made the feeling physically sick even worse! It is my first holiday since my honeymoon 6 1/2yrs ago and I really didn't want to feel like I had to revise on holiday. Which is why I think/hope I have made the right decision about putting my exam back until 10th January which means I get to have a fantastic relaxing holiday which if I don't mind saying so myself I deserve.

I just hope I have made the right decision. The last thing I want to do is have to resist the exam if I work my arse off and hopefully pass it first time!



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    I think putting your exam back by a month is very sensible.

    I don't think it will have any impact on your qualification/career progression long-term (even in the short-term, putting your exam back by only a month isn't going to have any effect).

    How many exams do you have left?

    I've got financial performance and project left
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    I have also fallen behind with my FNPF studies with my exam due on 30th November.

    My little girl has been poorly with Chicken Pox, which means she has been excluded from nursery, and with no quiet time in the house alone to study, I've fallen behind.

    I've had chance to attempt plenty of the numerical questions, but the I really need to get stuck in to the theory and attempt some written questions before next week ! Really want to get this exam out of the way before Christmas...
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    Thank you both for your responses.

    I am not back in college (Kaplan evening classes) until 4th Jan for PTX. My next exam after FNPF is PTX which will be end Feb. All I have to do is sit my FNPF exam confidently on 10th Jan and get the 1st draft of my project in by 19th Jan. I have really seriously considered all aspects and know that my studies will not be effected by me choosing to delay my exam a month as I have given myself 5 weeks from when I return from holiday to revise for FNPF and complete the 1st draft of my project. Then once they are done I have PTX classes start in Jan, BTX classes also start in Jan then Financial Statements in March sometime (not had the march-august 2012 timetable as of yet).

    So hopefully everything will work out well in the long run.


    Steph x
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