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i have entered the incorrect date on the produts recieved instead of 31/10/2011 it should have been the 12/10/2011
i was wondering how you can alter the date after you have saved it, i have tried going in to corrections but you cant do it that way i have also tried going in to tools and into period end and clear stock but that don't work, all stock is
right but i need to alter 3 different dates which i entered incorrect dates for......
please can some help me

Many Many Thanks



  • niccham79
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    Hi Lynn,
    How did you post it originally?
    If it's a journal then you can't change it but if it's just a normal entry then you should be able to go into File maintenance sectionand change it there (that's what we always do).
  • KaySarah
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    1. From the Products window, select the product record or records you want to edit and click Record.

    The Product Record window appears, showing the details of the first product you selected.

    2. Make the changes you require in the boxes provided.

    3. To save your entries click Save, or to clear any data you entered and start again click Discard.

    4. To exit the product record and return to the Products window, click Close.

    It is not possible to change a product code. If you enter a new product code in an existing record, the data in the record clears and a new product record is created.

    Hope this helps.
  • lynn26
    lynn26 Registered Posts: 42 Regular contributor ⭐

    thanks for replys but i still cant change the date


  • lynn26
    lynn26 Registered Posts: 42 Regular contributor ⭐
    better tell you im working on sage line 50 v12 and not a recent one will that make any difference
  • marinaweg
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    You can change the date in file- maintenance, but you need to find the original transaction number relating to the incorrect entry first. If it is a customer or supplier, go in their record- activity and you will find all the transactions, take a note of the incorrect transaction number and close the record.
    Go to file-maintenance-corrections-find transaction number-edit-change date and save.
    If it was a journal entry, just do opposite entries to your original journal to cancel it out and enter the correct entry.
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