ICAS Project Cookridge Carpets

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I am doing the ICAS Project on the Cookridge Carpets case study which is found on the AAT website and was wondering if there anyone who could provide some help as I am really stuck on it and it has to be handed in next week.



  • Jonno1
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    I used the BPP Book on this unit, which uses a case study of a firm experiencing similar problems to Cookridge carpets. I based the structure and layout of my report on that suggested by the book. I can sell this book to you if you want?
  • nonmugglesue
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    Which bit are you stuck on, I have done this and I got stuck at first but then I thought - what would I do if I walked into this company and was told to sort out all the problems? - I started with High/Med/Low risk and put the immediate problems in order of risk. The I put what I would do to sort them out. Good Luck x
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