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After a few years of running my own business I have reached the point where I need some help. Also I don't advertise and have only been accepting new clients by referral and turning down enquiries from people who have Googled me, so I know there is a demand out there.

Basically I can offer part-time work / work experience doing some basic book-keeping functions, with the possibility of increasing the hours if more clients are taken on. Experience of Sage, QB, VT or Marmut would be helpful but not essential.

I think the work would suit someone nearly qualified or returning to work after a break and I have an opportunity of an office near Swindon 5 mins from M4 J15.

Please email me for more details if you are interested.


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    I am really interested in this part-time work.
    I have nearly completed the AAT level 3,Just one more to complete in Level-3(spread sheet).Currently I am doing this spreadsheet,hopefully will complete before the end of this year and start next level-4 immediately.I live in Swindon and doing a part time job which is not related to accounts.I would like to gain some experience,Honestly I do not have any experience in any of the accounting software like sage, quick-book,VT.But When I did AAt level 2 I have learned Sage-50.I think i have very good knowledge in sage-50 also have good knowledge in Excel.Please let me know if you interested with me,you can contact me in [email protected].
    Thank you
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