Training Provider for ICAS Project

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Im in the process of choosing a training provider to do my ICAS project through. So far, I've completed all of the other units distance learning through BPP and I've been pleased, but BPP seem really over priced compared to Kaplan for this unit. The problem is, I've seen lots of negative opinions on Kaplan about the service given to students and the turn around time for marking projects etc.

So, please let me know which training provider you did this project through and would you recommend them?



  • welshwizardwelshwizard Trusted Regular South WalesPosts: 465Registered
    You may find a college near to you that is prepared to provide single unit support for ICAS. I would check out the AAT website for providers near you.
  • sampsonsampson Feels At Home Posts: 37Registered
    Thanks for the reply. I suppose that is an option, but that will probably be last resort for me becuase I dont have the time to attend college.
  • davejvhdavejvh Settling In Nicely Posts: 19Registered
    Kaplan may be cheaper but avoid them like the plague...

    I complained about them earlier this year and they offered me a free unit for acca when i have finished aat, but their service is so bad that now I am in the middle of another complaint and I am seriously considering not even taking the free unit from them next year as even for zero fee i don't want their poor support.
  • sampsonsampson Feels At Home Posts: 37Registered
    Wow that's saying something! Kaplan need to sort their act out. Looks like I'll have to find an extra £200 to avoid the displeasure of dealing with them.

    Well done on getting a free acca unit, I'm sure they'll attach some some conditions to the offer, like having to complete the whole of the qualification with them, haha!
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