Anyone else revising for their limited company cba?

Can someone run through the cba with me please? i am really struggling this year and am so not ready for my exam. cant even do the cba :(

Practice 1, income statement, working outs for Cost of sale, distribution, admin (just the depreciation part)

For example, distribution:
Distribution cost £9,977
Accrual £160
Depreciation £1590 (broken down to : £390 30% of building deprec £26,000 + £1.590 of 30% plant and equipment deprec £4,000)

please help me!!


  • Jo Clark
    Jo Clark Registered Posts: 2,525
    Hello Focus888

    What exactely are you struggling with? You may also want to post this in level 4/technician forum if this is limited company accounts (Financial Statements) CBA.

    Feel free to private message me and I'll try and help you through this question when you let me know exactely what you are struggling with.

    All the best.

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