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I am currently studying level 2 on a F/T basis at college. I have got my Basic Costing exam this afternoon and then only the Computerised Accounting exam to do, I should be finished by mid-Jan '12.

I have found that I am really excelling with Accounting in general; and have been doing voluntary work at weekends to gain hands-on experience. Once I find work - easier said than done in the current financial climate! - I will be looking to start level 3 by doing day release if permitted off any prospective employer; most likely though, by attending night classes/long distance learning. If I go for the latter, is their any level 3 study material people can recommend?... bearing in mind we are currently using Kaplan and I don't rate it, as it seems aimed more at people with experience!

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



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    I'm buying Kaplan material which I like and I don't have experience. I find it covers more than what you need to know in some cases but I don't think that's a bad thing
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    I am using BPP books....not bad. I like Osborne's book as well. Having said that, I always prefer college hand-outs :)

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    I started studying at level 2 via distance learning and at the time was not working in accounts. I'm now working as an accounts assistant and almost finished level 4.

    I've used Osborne books throughout and they are by far my favourites. I personally don't like BPP books because I find that they are very "visual" and I am not a visual learner ! Other people get along really well with them though.

    If you are looking to study via distance learning some colleges allow you to spread the cost of the course over installments which makes it much more manageable
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    Thanks for your replies.

    I find that once I learn something, I retain the knowledge and work more efficiently as I get used to it. Currently, I'm using Kaplan at college, where the tutor leaves us to learn at our own pace. I wanted to know peopes opinions on Osbourne and maybe BPP? It's looking more likely I'll be going down the distance learner route at the minute; maybe night classes at my local college.

    I've got to get work first mind, and the market's fierce in the North East of England; however, with the charity work I'm doing, I don't envisage any problems there though...
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    I started studying LEVEL 3 in September at college on day release, we are using BPP books, they are quite good but you will find even through college this level requires quite a lot of home study and self learning.

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    I'm at Newcastle College and we use Osborne books which I have found to be very helpful. I don't know where you are in the North East but if you're near Newcastle I know they accept payment for the course in 4 or 5 instalments. The AAT tutor there is excellent and really takes the time to explain things. We don't use the books in class but do use them at home. Good luck.

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    I used Osborne Books for the whole of the AAT and they got me through ok
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    Hi All,

    I started distance learning with Kaplan which I thought was a waste of money, I got no support and there was quite a few mistakes in the books provided. When I contacted them about these errors, they said they had printed them off quickly to get them out in time - sorry not my problem! With this they sent me out "handouts" of the pages which the mistakes were on with the correct answers. They all came in the post at different times too but once all arrived it was time to start.....

    Which am sorry to say, I gave up, found too many mistakes and I just got myself very confused......so now am in college which paying £700+ for Kaplain then £1250 for college (to do same level) to find that the questions am "handed out" are straight from my books or Osbourne! All places use the same material so you need to decide which one you think you would benefit from more. I prefer the college classes as I have someone there and then to tell me where I am going wrong and also it "makes me do it" if I had to pick to do home study go for Osbourne they tell you how to do it then give you questions to complete......GOOD LUCK xx
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