Financial Performance report writing

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Arghhhhhhh, why can't I write anything? I can't do this!!! :( Has anyone got any pointers that I may be able to adopt? Really struggling with words and exam in a couple of weeks!!!


  • Daz1865
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    There wasn't that much writing really, don't get so worried about it!

    I panicked about it initially too, but I guess managed to calm my nerves by just thinking about it logically. So my advice would be just to try and write your answers as fully as possible. Just imagine you are explaining to a child and they keep asking; Why? Why? Why?
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    I've got my exam tomorrow. Really not looking forward to this one and feel decidedly underprepared.

    Although I am far from being confident in this area (hah so maybe not the best person to comment) I take the approach of looking at each of the bullet points they have given in the task information. If they have taken the time to tell you about a certain incident then its because it is of particular relevance. I make sure I say something about each of the bullet points and tie it in to what the results are, and hope that is enough to cover all the points....

    I have a tendancy to overcomplicate this task and try and make it harder than what it is. Sometimes it is just a case of "The machine broke down which affected material usage as there was wastage, but this did not affect material price" and I am searching for all these really deep complex explanations as to the variances....
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    Thanks Guys
    I keep telling myself to breath and clear my head, so I guess its just practice practice practice.

    Uknitty, good luck for your exam today, hope it goes well, I am sure you will be just fine. Please let us know how you got on and what the lay out is like. Any pointers at this stage would be very welcome. ;)
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    Good Luck with your exam uknitty, hope it goes well.x
  • anniebabe
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    Jane - which bits are you struggling with ? is it just the reports ?
    Have you looked on the AAT website for the elearning ? there is a scenario - to do with bridles that may help you - it goes through the performance indicators.
  • jane
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    Thanks Anne

    Just got home from college and had a practice exam!!! OMG - got some right, got some wrong, reports - 50/50 - got a lot of work to do. I will be sure to look at the AAT site, the more revision tools now the better. How are you getting on?
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