Company T&C's of Sale

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I am redoing our Company's T&C's of Sale and have been looking on the Internet and at some of our Supplier's T&C's. At the bottom of most of them it has a clause saying:

LAW: The construction or validity and performance of these terms and conditions and of this contract shall be governed by the Laws of England.

Should I put these at the bottom of our T&C's and also as we are based in Scotland should I put governed by the Laws of Scotland?

Anybody know anything about this as me and my Boss are both unsure. Most of our Customers are in England therefore my Boss thinks we may be governed by English Law on this but I thought as we are based in Scotland our T&C's are governed by Scottish Law.

Don't want to have to ask a Lawyer as we will probably be charged a ridiculous sum for the Privilege!



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