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CHES&STAFF01 Registered Posts: 107 Dedicated contributor 🦉
Have linked our branch user name to the facebook account we have - does this mean that anything we post on facebook goes on here or the other way around?
We also have a twitter account? Is this going to link as well eventually? or linkedin???
I know, you give us one thing and we want everthing!

Just an explanation on the facebook link will do for now! Thank you


  • StuartW
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    Hi! Fear not - for the time being it just means you can log in to the forums using your Facebook account, and it means new users can create forums accounts through Facebook if they prefer.

    It doesn't mean anything you post here will appear on Facebook, or vice versa. There is the option to enable this kind of thing, but it's something we'd want to talk to users about before doing this as it could be considered intrusive and annoying. We'll probably be sticking with the Facebook integration for the time being, but maybe Twitter/LinkedIn options will follow.

    We're hoping to provide a bit more help to branches when it comes to social media next year, stay tuned...


    CHES&STAFF01 Registered Posts: 107 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Thank you for the feedback !
    Branches are trying really hard to get the social media aspect working so it would be good to get some more discussions going !!
    Looking forward to it !
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