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Hello there

Am in the process of completing a business plan as part of a work programme and part of it is investigating possible competitors, their strengths and weaknesses etc, so that I can do my pitch for bookkeeping. Now this might sound daft, but I had a strong impression from this forum and elsewhere that this wasn't really necessary - you weren't really in competition, there's more than enough work to go round. Also, you have to work with others for coverage as a condition for being a member in practice. A local enterprise group meet I attend, none of whom are in finance thought this wasn't the case. I shall be asking one of the local accountants who is helping members of the local job club soon what his thoughts are, and thought I'd ask people here.



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    There are so many new bookkeepers coming into the market that in places is it getting saturated and so yes, folk are in competition. You need to have someone who can cover you in the case you can't work, but other than that there is no obligation to work with others.

    If you're running a business, it's foolish to assume others aren't competition; you might be friendly with them and/ or share work sometimes, but they are always competition. A client could switch. That makes them competition.
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    fair enough - thanks for that - I'll get to work...
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