Personal Tax - Osbourne v Kaplan

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I am taking my PT exam on Tuesday and some of the other students in my group have already taken it and are saying there were so many questions that came up and they are not in the Osbourne books but more Kaplan based (we are being taught Osbourne).

Have any of you had this problem?


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    Any answers to this thread would be useful - I am due to start this after xmas.
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    I noticed that there are two variants of the Capital Gains Tax return - CG1 is different - Kaplan seems to be using the 'old' variant whilst Osborne is using the 'new' variant and it is the 'new' variant that is likely to be assessed.

    As for question 'types' surely you should be able to answer any question topics covered by the unit?

    It is so dangerous to rely on having a specific type of question because when you're faced with something different you tend to freeze, panic or lose the plot compltetely.

    Good luck
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    I used the Osborne book a few years ago for mine (I just taught myself from a book and never did a course) and I found it fine. There was one topic that needed clarification from the AAT (it has changed now so no use me highlighting what it was). I never liked the Kaplan text books and found the Osborne books much better - found Kaplan had a lot of unnecessary detail. Just make sure you look at the syllabus and have covered the topics in the syllabus, then you can't go wrong. If there's anything missing you can soon clarify it through the forums or just by googling.
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    I've just passed the PTX exam, and we were using BPP at college, which i found terrible.

    I haven't tried the Kaplan study texts, but i purchased the Osbourne book and honestly learnt more after a day with that than i did in 3 months with the BPP book.
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    I am sitting mine next month and am using Osborne books so hope it is fine. I used Kaplan for Level 3 and PEV/PCR and Osborne for the rest and have found Osborne to be the best by far.
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    I passed this exam before Christmas and used the BPP Book. I found the book good and the question bank book was really useful (plus it has 7 practice exams which can be done online similar to the AAT exam). What i found with this unit is that there is just so much theory to get through but after a few reads of the text book it does start sinking in!

    Good luck for your exam!
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