possible Excel Templates for Sales/Purchase Ledger

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Hello everyone

Can someone help me out by being very generous and sending me sample of Sales/Purchase Ledger on Excel.
I have been applying for jobs that are asking for such experience, I have worked at a practice on voluntary basis which basically made me work out VAT and then prepare VAT returns for various clients, also dealt with incomplete records and accounts preparation.

When i spoke to my past employer if i could use my experience at his firm to get the jobs that ive been looking at( as mentioned above), he said not exactly but i have covered the basic, where i first entered sales/purchases invpoices on excel and calculated different VAT on transactions and at the end gathered cumulative tax to pay to HMRC.

I would be grateful if anyone could forward me templates of Purchase/Sales ledger, leading to bank Recon, Cash book, etc

im sure you would know what templates im after

Thank you


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