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Dipak Thanki
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Two days ago, I received my FNST results and passed so I have completed the qualification!

I turned 19 in August and want to move onto ACCA from September and try to complete it by the age of 24.

I have around one years of finance experience gained through employment and work experience. Currently I'm working a temporary job over the Christmas period (non finance) and applying to accountancy jobs.

I don't know if I should hunt for a training contract/solid accounts job with career progression before starting my ACCA or I should just start it anyway. (I don't want to pay for it!)

I'm also considering self teaching myself advanced excel, sage and SAP to increase my knowledge of the finance world and boost my chances of landing the perfect job with a good starting salary.

Anybody know what books I would need to study excel, sage and sap? And what sort of experience I should get under my belt to get myself in a large company.

Help would be really appreciated!


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