AAT student looking for work experience

I am a manual book-keeper with 15 yrs experience who is upgrading his computer skillls to modern levels.
I am on AAT level 3 after starting level 2 in September and i am being fast tracked through level 2 while i am at level 3.
It would be helpful if i could find some part-time work or i am even willing to look at voluntary work experience.
This would be useful for my C.V. and easier to get back into the workplace.
I have not started the sage 50 module yet though.
Any offers?
Either respond to this message or pm me if you prefer.


  • anniem
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    Hi, it might be an idea if you put your location on your status so that you find something local. As it stands we don't know whether you'll be interested or if we're too far away!

    Good luck
    FMAAT - AAT Licensed Member in Practice - Pewsey, Wiltshire
  • omega man
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    location fixed,got my BA2 tomorrow and my AP1 at level 3 next wed,here we go,here we go.
  • MA86
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    It may be worthwhile looking at the Voluntary Sector.

    I'm nearly finished level 2 and have pretty much learnt and retained most of the knowledge needed, I'm now looking to gain experience...

    I started doing book-keeping for a local community centre until council cuts came into force. I've since applied for a role on the board of Governers with the opening becoming available in Feb '12. I am currently helping expand a local charity within my hometown by creating awareness and promoting it.

    By the time I finish level 2, I shouldn't have any problems getting to interview stage. So Voluntary work could be the way forward in my honest opinion...

    Good luck,

  • omega man
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    I have done voluntary work since may 2011 and i am now on the local council casual list for museums and heritage and so i am awaiting my first paid shift,although u can only keep up to £10 at most from your benefits unless u go sufficiently over your benefits altogether of course.
    So as i already do voluntary work i was wanting to do accounting work either part-time or on a voluntary basis too.
    It is really quiet for museums at this time of year and i do not envisage any paid work of a great amount until March or April.
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