Limited Company cba practice online, how is it assessed?

Focus888 Registered Posts: 46 Regular contributor ⭐
When you attempt to do the cba 1 and 2 online how is it assessed? ive tried it twice today for cba 2 and both times it failed. 1st attempt i know i messed up on the calculations but i just did it again now and i know i got more than 70% right even with the theory key words etc but i dont know why i failed it again. can anyone help, are they just looking at the calculations or do they pick up on keywords as well?


  • guinea pig
    guinea pig Registered Posts: 402 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Hi, read the first page, and it details the questions that it can mark, apparently it cannot assess the wordy replies, so these are not included. I suggest that you print off the answers, work through the test, then go back and compare your answers, with the printed ones.
    Good luck
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