Failed AP1 today, how to get feedback

Failed it this morning, I think it was just on the question about adjustments between the bank and the cashbook.

Any idea how we get the free feedback, I can only find online how to appeal & get it done that way and it would be nice to know if it was just that.

So frustrated. It was really silly questions & really hard compared to the practice ones on the website :-(


  • Kirsty83
    Kirsty83 Registered Posts: 57 ? ? ?
    Sorry to hear that Clare. I failed mine last Weds. :( You're not alone.

    I attend college - so I got my feedback from my tutor, if you're studying AAT through distance learning then I'm not too sure, you would have to ask your training provider.

    Disposals and accruals/prepayments let me down. I knew disposals was one of them as I wasn't confident with the question and the accruals/prepayments I must have got the wrong way round....*sigh*

    Hoping to re-sit on 18th Jan and PASS, because I don't intend to re-sit for a second time!!
  • Louise89
    Louise89 MAAT Posts: 296
    I'm Kaplan student and when we sit exams they have started giving us the feedback along with the compentency results slip after the exam. So maybe you could ask whoever you sat your exam with?

    Good luck for next time!
  • Clarekaye
    Clarekaye Registered Posts: 307
    I actually went to AAT and they provided me with a very basic list of what I 'Exceeded' in and what I didnt do so well in and to my surprise I did ok on the question I thought I messed up but one of the others was the very last question which to be fair I probably just didnt concentrate. I must have been soooo close.

    Oh well re sit booked (shame they are so expensive!) so revise some more and carry on with AP2 and still be back on track soon :-)
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