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I've just reviewed my HMRC self assessment client list and there's quite a few clients who I've done tax returns for in the past who are now either employed or retired but they're still hanging around on my list. Do the rest of you have a policy about this? Do you formally 'dissengage' the client and advise them you're deleting them from your list? If someone came back to me 3 years later saying they needed to complete a return again would they be happy that they're still listed as my client and don't have to go through the authorisation process again or would they feel uncomfotable that I've had access to their records all this time? Personally I'd like to just delete them all, would feel a lot tidier if I did!


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    I think that the official thing to do is formally disengage the client, if they came back to you in a few years time you would need to re engage them and I would assume re do the money laundering process too.

    I would still keep any records/information for a certain amount of time encase there is ever an investigation etc. but you can always mention this in the disengagement letter so that they will be aware you still hold information for them.

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