Options Modules - Which ones are more benefical for ACCA/CIMA?

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Just after a bit of advice from those who have gone onto ACCA or CIMA.

Which of the options did you find helped you the most when studying chartered?

Options: 2 from 4
CRMC - Credit Management and Control
PTX - Personal Tax
BTX - Business Tax
EXA - External Auditing

[I thoroughly enjoyed Cost & Revenues in Level 3 - which I know some people found difficult but I actually found quite easy so I'm not after which is an easier module, but which two will put me in good stead for the next step.]

Thank you :)


  • RinskeRinske Font Of All Knowledge Posts: 2,453Registered
    I took Cash Management & Credit Control, which really helps in P1 in CIMA and next to that audit as the second one and I really enjoyed it (well, a bit on the boring side now and then, but interesting nevertheless) and that is way more in depth than you would have to know for CIMA. So probably the second one is either business tax or audit, depending on personal preference. However I found the business tax in CIMA so far not very in depth (only done operational level though).

    For ACCA I'm not sure, the audit unit and the business tax unit for sure, but personal tax might be quite useful as well. However, someone who has done or is doing ACCA might be better suited to tell you that!
  • Louise89Louise89 Trusted Regular England, UKPosts: 296MAAT
    Thank you Rinske, exactly what I was after :)
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