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Ok, I have a new client now. This is the first one where I am actually producing accounts as opposed to other services. Does anyone have any hints and tips on what sorts of things to look out for and what are the most common journals that are needed?

Thanks in advance



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    Sanity check. You don't say what industry they are in, so it's difficult to point out areas of risk, but basically do the figures make sense? Sales of 20k, cost of sales of £15k, less overheads and a porsche on the drive? Undeclared cash, maybe? Really rough example.

    Common journals:

    Class 2 NI out of expenses into drawings
    Prepayments and accruals
    The accountancy fees journal! Accy fees relating to that year will practically always be an accrual.
    Use of home
    Private use journal
    Any other disallowable expenditure
    And obviously correcting any errors...

    Congrats on the client!
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    Hi Monsoon - Many thanks as always for your answer.

    The business is a shop. He has a secondary income stream as a handyman that he started during the year and his wife did some dance lessons but I believe they have ceased.

    Do you have any template letters I can use, such as for their previous accountants?
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    Aarrgggh!! It's a partnership........

    the options seem to be requoting or swallowing the difference.

    What do people think?
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    Templates are avaliable from professional bodies and then can be edited to suit your practice.

    Good work and hope you get more!
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