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Not compulsory Level 4 AAT units

Kasia79Kasia79 New MemberRegistered Posts: 10
Dear All,
Can I ask for some advice? I just finished budgeting unit and don’t know which non compulsory unit to pick next. At the moment I am not working in finance related job. I would love to study further either ACC or CIMA but don’t know since I don’t know if ever I will get any job after finishing AAT qualifications. I trying get trainee position but without any success. If anyone could advise me what to do. Most of people on my course going to do Cash Management and Auditing and then go study CIMA. If anyone could advise me what to do, please.

Many thanks in advance,


  • Melody87Melody87 Feels At Home ChesterfieldRegistered Posts: 44
    It depends really what you find most interesting and if you fancy financial accounting or management accounting more.
    I prefer financial so have gone with both tax units and would look to study ACCA over CIMA
  • Kasia79Kasia79 New Member Registered Posts: 10
    Thank you for reply me back. :)
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