What type of jobs can someone apply for with an AAT qualification?

geek84geek84 Trusted RegularMAAT Posts: 551
Good Morning Folks

I am on my last level of the AAT and thinking of applying for jobs which require an AAT qualification.

Can someone please give me some idea of what type of jobs someone can apply for with an AAT qualification?

Is it possible to apply for management level jobs with this qualification?

Thanks in advance for your response.


  • Diddy MauDiddy Mau Well-Known Registered Posts: 238
    Hi Geek,
    I would say apply for any job thats out there, that is related to accountancy. yes, you have the qualifications but when looking at the jobs they will want experience also.
    I'm also on my last level, but I managed to get myself in a company at the bottom and over time I am showing what I can do. then I am now starting to get more responsibility.
    If you go for a job, I would explain this to show willingness to work.

    good luck with the rest of your exams and future job hunting
  • geek84geek84 Trusted Regular MAAT Posts: 551
    Hi Diddy

    Many thanks for your reply.
  • geek84geek84 Trusted Regular MAAT Posts: 551
    Hi Folks

    Can someone please give further advice?

    Thank You.
  • PGMPGM Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,954
    I think it depends more on your experience than your AAT qualification.

    ie only management if you've got some sort of management experience.

    other than that, its all based on what you can do, backed up by your qualification.

    Bearing in mind the usual line about these being tough times...
  • Sheepish93Sheepish93 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 26
    im studying aat as a trainee, so maybe perhaps look at a training package for say ACCA/CIMA or just writing to some firms enquiring about jobs and stating info about yourself like i have studied aat etc :)
  • geek84geek84 Trusted Regular MAAT Posts: 551
    Hi sheepish

    Thanks for your reply. When you say write to firms, do you mean just accountancy practices or just applying for accountancy roles in general?
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