AP 1 Exam Help!!!

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Hi everyone, i have my AP1 exam coming up in a couple of weeks and really dont kinow where to start with studying for it!

it seems as trhough this topic is just not sinking in!

Can any one point me in the right direction as to where to start? any help would be great! thanks xx


  • janwal
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    Hi looplas18

    Sorry can't be of any help, but thought I'd let you know your not on your own, mine is on the 10th and I have never has so many problems remebering things, nothing seems straight forward.

    Hope you don't mind me gatecrashing but could do with some pointers too

    Jan x
  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Loopylass and Jan

    Have you tried the practice assessments and green light on the AAT website?

    I have found these resources invaluable in preparation for my CBA on 4 January.

    Good luck for AP1.

    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
    Benjamin Franklin
  • Tjcgti
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    I have this to do as well and there is quite a bit to learn.

    I'm not very good at giving tips/advice but for me if I find something that I have no clue on due to having lots to learn, I focus on the parts that are going to be in exam questions. Lots of practice questions is good.
    If I get one or all wrong, I see where I have gone wrong and do the quetions again straight away. Then when you do it again for revision hopefully you should remember where you went wrong last time.

    Also what helps me; if something isn't making any sense at all in an example or paragraph I get quite frustrated. So I just put it down for about 30mins and then go back to it with clear head allowing me to think more logically.

    People have different learning styles which you need to find to study effectivly. Mine is walking around holding the book and reading out loud. Reading out loud is good for me and I usually talk to myself and question everything they write. Finding my learning style has acually helped me as it seems a lot easier to take in now. (just need to work on the motivation part now)
    Try different ways of learning and maybe that would help.

    @Janwal - 'nothing is straight forward' I completely agree with you as I have thought to myself you have to do so much just to get 1 figure but have been told time and time again 'thats just accounts'.....
  • janwal
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    Well took my AP1 exam today and I failed, the only question I can truly say I was comfortable with was the 1st one after that my mind went blank. Oh well hit the books again, also got Indirect Tax in a couple of weeks.

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