Credit Management And Control

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Hi guys,

I am due to take this exam on the 9th January and have just today started to learn this subject. so far it seems incredibly easy.

I have a question for anyone who has completed this exam.

Is it as easy as it seems at the moment?

Have I left myself enough time to learn it all?

Thanks, Benji


  • guinea pig
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    Hi Benji,
    I tackled Financial Statements first, and found it very challenging. By comparison, I found that I was already familiar with quite a lot of Credit Management & Control, which helps immensely. I've passed Part 1, which is multiple choice questions, some quite tricky, and am still waiting fror the results of Part 2, which involves a lot of written answers. However, you need to look carefully at how the questions are worded, and anticipate the answers the AAT want to get. Practice the AAT online tests, and also, Osborne Books have two online quizzes, which are good.
    Good luck!
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