Business Tax exam CBA Capital Allowances Section 1

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Hi guys,

Last week I sat this exam. I left the exam feeling positive however I have since learned that I probably lost 50%the marks for my capital allowances question. However I believe I may have gotten the rest of section 1 all correct.

Am I likely to fail due to my capital allowances question?

Thanks, Benji


  • Terdoo
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    Business Tax

    What do you think you have done wrong with capital allowance in section one?
  • AAT Level 3
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    I had the exact same issue and we most likely got the same question. The question was unlike any other that had been in any of the Kaplan revision notes. I was expecting FYA, apportioning AIA, Special rate pool or short life assets to be in the question and none of them were. I also messed up by getting tricked into putting one of the cars in its own pool.

    If it makes you feel any better several people I spoke to after the exam feel they messed this question up.

    I am also assuming I have failed as I believe this question is worth the most marks. It seems a shame that its probably possibly to fail the exam on this one question alone.
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