Level 3 without a training provider

Hi, I'm new here and have a quick question.
I am just about to finish doing level 2 with premier training and to be honest it was a waste of money as I could have just bought the books and studied my self.

Which brings me to the question if that would be possible for level 3? I can take 6/7 exams at my local exam center but they don't offer the spreadsheet exam, does any one know how I can do it? Or it's format?



  • coojee
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    You need to be attached to a centre for spreadsheets as the centre marks it not the AAT. Some providers may offer this unit as a stand alone unit but I'm not sure who, maybe BPP or Kaplan.
  • dsavickij
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    Thanks for the reply.
    Does this mean there is no exam fee for spreadsheets?
  • coojee
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    dsavickij wrote: »
    Thanks for the reply.
    Does this mean there is no exam fee for spreadsheets?

    It depends on the provider, some may include the cost of the assessment in with the course cost but I'm sure most of them don't. You may also need to pay an admin fee to get a centre to supervise you while you sit it. It'll probably work out at about the same as an exam fee all in.
  • mira2602
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    hello there,
    I did the same thing, just bought books and paid as external student slightly higher fee to Kaplan, as realise the support from distance learning-Kaplan, wasn't there.
    With spreadsheets-this was the only unit, Kaplan wouldn't let me to just buy books, and had to buy hole course, but then it includes fee for assesment, so I guess it was easy way.
  • uknitty
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    Kaplan's website indicates that the fee is £125 for distance learning or £150 for the "online classroom" version.
  • dsavickij
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    Thanks for the help, I will just study Level 3 without a training provider. To be honest there isn't much 'support' on distance learning courses, so I think they aren't really worth the money for me. However I can see how a college course could be worth money.
  • Melody87
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    I am in the middle of level 4 with Premier training and I haven't been too impressed either, the questions in the assignments that they give are not very clear and I find they needlessly confuse me to only find that the actual exam questions I have no problem with. The only time I have needed my tutor is to clear up the confusing questions on thier assignments. I think it depends on how well you get on just learning from a book, for some it is easier to have it explained.
    College courses are good as I did level 2 and 3 at college but it is more expensive and last year I got a teacher I didn't get on with which ruined it for me hence going with Premier training.
  • bwestella
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    I myself completed level 2 with a local college, however doing level 3 purely from text books I have passed 2 papers first time.
    If you love accounting you will do it.

    God bless.
  • Joe Barraclough
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    hi i was exactly the same as you i started in september and was finished with level 2 by november and i didnt contact my training provider once, so i decided that for API,APII,CMGT,PEAF,ITX,CRS, i just bought the books and contacted the same exam place and booked the exams at £50 a go, i saved about £600 this way and for SPSW i bought a package with kaplan for 135 and this included the exam fee so all was good just finished level 3 and going on to level 4 now

    Good Luck
  • Julietteb
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    This is exactly what I have done, bought the books for level 3 but had to purchase the distance learning for spreadsheets which is still a good saving
  • SarahJS
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    for SPSW i bought a package with kaplan for 135 and this included the exam fee

    I'm pretty much doing the same, buying books and sitting exams. I've also bought a kaplan package for SPSW.

    You say that the exam fee was included, which package did you buy and can you elaborate on how the exam is booked (it seems like a lot of forms to book!)?

    Well done on beasting through so many exams so quickly!
  • Luby
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    I study through a college and can only pass on personal experience. Level two i found ridicolously easy and 3 not much tougher however I would reccommend some support for level 4 as the difficult bar is raised considerably. When i was compeleting level 3 I was sure that the jump had to be exaggerated however I really am feeling it more this year.
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