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I sat my financial statements exam at the end of December, during the exam i had to have the exam paused as the notes on one of the questions was not displayed properly. I was moved to a new PC which worked, i was stressted enough about the exam without this happening. I have passed all my previous exams and I am a bit worried that this distraction but me off a bit and i might fail, does anyone know if i would be able to appeal if this happened???


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    I had a similar problem, in the Cash Management exam; the text box would not expand to take my answer, and kept jumping into the tutor/assessors box. This meant I wasted lots of time trying to sort it, getting very stresssed, and could only give a minimal answer. I am still waiting for the result, and if I have failed, I will want to appeal. I too have passed all my previous exams.
    Hope that you get good news soon, let us know!
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    Hello smithy/GP

    This link may be of interest to you both you will need to login to your myaat account.

    Reasonable adjustments and special consideration (RASC)

    The terms

    'Reasonable adjustments' is the term used in education for any special arrangement that is needed to enable disabled or temporarily incapacitated candidates to do their best in an assessment. Examples of reasonable adjustments are:

    - Extra time for a dyslexic candidate
    - Rest breaks for a candidate with a spinal injury
    - A scribe (someone to write) for a candidate with a broken wrist.

    'Special consideration' is the term we use to describe the process by which a candidate's script is reassessed due to her/him suffering an illness, traumatic accident or major and unpredictable life event (typically the death of a close relative) at or shortly before the time of assessment.

    Reasonable adjustments and special consideration are together known in house at AAT by the abbreviation RASC.

    Not 100% that your cases would fit into the 'special consideration' but thought I would post this anyway!

    Hoping for a positive outcome for you both.

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