Motivation needed to try to finally finish my AAT :(

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Right I need some help please kind people! I have been doing my AAT since Sept 2007(that sounds awful when you say it like that but hey ho!). I started Technician in Sept 2008 and am still not finished. I have done everything but the project and DFS. I have just lost interest but now we are in a new year I have decided to come back and try to finish it.
Currently spent an hour doing some of my project and am up to 1,200 words so hopefully i can get that done over the next week or so as been putting it off for 2 and a half years :$ But DFS - the fear when that word is mentioned! I have attempted it twice in the old paper exams and failed part 1 both times. I have some Usborne books I was kindly lent to try to work through it and I will start it once the project is out the way.
Just need some tips as my confidence on this subject is really low and always struggled with it. Be great to hear from other fellow strugglers too...

Thanks in advance!

Lewpylew x

PS - have changed my mind what I want to do due to a bad situation at work but want to finish my AAT as now doing a degree to become a primary school teacher and AAT Technician gives me 60 points exemption from level 2 of my degree :)


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    I'm a struggler too

    I've only got DFS and have sat it 4 times on paper. am now going through it with my Dad so i can discuss it with someone as im going through it and he can use it as CPD. Got half way through it then i moved house and he changed jobs and it got but to one side again but with the help of skype due tto the location changes and we will crack on again soon
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    Watch this from start to finish (gets good from 3 mins onwards) and you'll be in tears of happiness craving for the feeling of success. I know a lot of it's sport related but it all makes sense at the end and can be applied to any aspect of life, I have to hide my face from my girlfriend when I watch it because I tear up sometimes.

    Don't let failing knock you back, you're only human you have the ability to pass this exam the only thing that'll set you apart from others is the EFFORT you put in. Put in your maximum effort, do all you can to be the best you can and you'll be looking back on the past two years with a smile on your face, guaranteed!

    As the video explains, people like Einstein, Newton & Beethoven have all failed exams/education and look what they went on to achieve, effort = success. Good luck.

    "Look up, get up, and don't ever give up"
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    Makkusu wrote: »
    "Look up, get up, and don't ever give up"

    Thank you for sharing this link Makkusu.
    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
    Benjamin Franklin
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