BPP Question Bank Financial Statements

BeccaLouJ9 Registered Posts: 896 Epic contributor 🐘
..Sat down ready to start the questions in this Q bank for Fin Stats.. Q1 complete, SUBMIT, ok so I have another attempt remaining because I haven't put a minus sign in front of the expenses.. Rooky mistake!! :) Ok, well that is fine- all the amounts are all right, so last attempt.. SUBMIT ..wrong?

Everything is ticked apart from the 'Cost Of Sales' Title..!? It has a massive great cross next to it.. I got the title wrong? I can't change this bit so I can't get it wrong..

Really doesn't make any difference to anything other than frustrating me! But thought I would share none the less!

Anyway enjoy your evenings.. I am studying with the wine by my side tonight!

..Onto Q2!

B x
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