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Diddy Mau
Diddy Mau Registered Posts: 238 Beyond epic contributor 🧙‍♂️
I have just failed my AAT 4 Financial Statements exam :-(
after walking out of the exam I knew I wasn't confident, as I found out I completely messed up one written question and some of my numbers didn't balance,

I understand there is a way to get feedback, but I do not know where or how to access this. could someone please help me, as I want to have this exam done.

I have my PTX in a week or so and I need to know, how far off the mark I was

thanks in advance to anyone who can help me


  • geek84
    geek84 Registered Posts: 568 Epic contributor 🐘
    Good Morning Diddy

    I too failed my Financial Statements exam and I too wanted some feedback. However, I was told by the AAT that it would cost me £25 !

    So, I have decided to retake the exam.
  • Diddy Mau
    Diddy Mau Registered Posts: 238 Beyond epic contributor 🧙‍♂️
    Hi Geek,
    sorry to hear that, but its a hard exam (or thats what I think)
    I went into college and our tutors could get a basic feedback from the AAT dont know exactly where.
    but it shows how you done in secions
    excelled, met, boarderline, or not met.

    I dont know where from, but it is available, only founf out yesterday.

    it's onwards for me, PTX next week, possible re-sit for financial statement Feb and Budgeting March. Oh and the assignment as well.
    My heads going to pop.

    Geek, let me know if you find the feed back, I will ask next week in college if you cant find it
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