Is this the cheapest way?

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Hi there, I want to do Level 3 but also want to know what is the cheapest way to do this is.

Can I just do the following:

-Register with aat costing a price of £80 and £36
-Buy the books myself for the 7 modules, from Kaplin, BBP or Premier, depending which is best
-Pay to sit the exams in (for example) Kaplin, who charge £51 per exam (they pay aat the £36 and obviously keep
the rest

Total cost = £473 + price of books



  • Luciana
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    You maybe able to save a little bit on books by buying second hand or searching your local library. I can't see any way to avoid the fee on registration or tests, unless you have your employer to help. Just personal opinion.

    Good luck!
  • cado
    cado Registered Posts: 2 New contributor ?
    Thanks a lot. Tbh I'm not trying to save money on the registration or tests (well obviously I wan't the cheapest haha), I just want to sit the exams without having to buy the distance learning package. I'm confident I can learn this myself.

    I've talked to a few and they said they'd let me sit the exam and that's all I wanted really. Could someone break down the 7 assessments please? I know what they are called etc but is there anything unusual about any of them or are they just straight computer assessments?
  • Focus888
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    Can you do this for level 4 as well? you just pay £51 for the exams but not for the course?
  • oibbotson
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    You can do this for level 3 and 4, however level 4 is particulary heavy and you may benefit the additional tuition, of course to become a member you will also require work experience.

    I have found the Osbourne books the best. Also for Indirect Tax you will need both the main textbook and the VAT textbook.
  • Julietteb
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    Im doing it this way. Just buying the Kaplan books and then paying for exams as and when. So far so good!
  • janwal
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    I maybe wrong but in level 3 do you not need to buy a package for the Spreadsheets exam as that is not marked by the AAT but by your provider, ie BPP etc.

    I'm doing it college so obviously they marked it.

  • Jo Clark
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    Hello All

    I think you need to buy a package/sign up with a training provider for SPSW (Spreadsheets) at Level 3 and ICAS (The Project) at Level 4. The reason behind this is that the work is marked by an assessor at the training provider/college rather than the AAT.

    Hope this helps clarify things.

    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
    Benjamin Franklin
  • uknitty
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    What Jo said - you can buy ICAS as a separate unit from Kaplan or BPP. I don't think any of the other distance learning providers offer this unit as a standalone.

    It should cost you in the region of £125.
  • Julietteb
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    I have just booked this exam so will let you know. I'm happy to pay extra if necessary
  • MWAUGH1983
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    Hey Cado,

    You can pay the annual fee by direct debit - not sure if they do this for new students as pay it on go in 2008. This makes it a bit cheaper.

    I would go with osborne books as I find these the best I have used in all honesty. You only need a provider for spreadsheets and unit 10. As long as you have centres within good distance to where you live then this would be the only issue - some dont take external sudents though I do mine with kaplan as an external students. I am doing this with no support as my support has now expired but I was thinking about doing something similar with level 4 but I think this will be a big step from level 3.

    Exam fees at level 4 mind increase by a few quid.

  • Jo Clark
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    Exam fees at level 4 mind increase by a few quid.

    My level 4 exams are now cheaper than level 3. I paid £38 for my last level 4 exam. They were £50. All level 3 exams were £48.

    I think it depends where you sit your CBA
    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
    Benjamin Franklin
  • JaffasGirl
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    I think the exams are cheaper this year. For my last CBA I paid around £45 and I just. Poked the Basic Costing exam for level 2 and it cost £33. This was with BPP, not sure if it's just them who have reduced their costs or not. Worth shopping around.
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