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Im doing the level 3 distance learning, ive been doing bookkeeping for 20 years, i started of used a A4 pad for my first couple of exercises, not a raging success, ok i guess, the third one i did on excel and i much prefer it, trouble is will i struggle in exams if im used to excel and i assume you have to use a pad and pen. di


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    Which exams are now computerised?

    I much prefer studying on excel, so much faster to work and alter things. I struggles most with layout when doing the exams on an a4 sheet.
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    All the exams are now computerised (as far as I know) and working through on excel rather than paper should be fine. Generally in the exam you are given 'boxes' similar to a s/sheet to fill in but you can't use formalae as you could on excel to generate the answers you need to work them yourself with a calculator, you could look at one of the 'mocks' to get a feel for it - I'd say work at home however is best for you, as long as you can do the workings yourself you should be fine.

    Best of luck!
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