Aat audit exam results

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Has anyone got their results for audit? I just did and got a big fat fail after studying sooooo hard! Found the exam different to all the practice papers and computer practice test. It felt like it was trying to catch us out. Anyone else find that?


  • AAT Level 3
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    Hi I am awaiting my result when did you sit your exam?

    I'm not really sure how the exam went felt I done the best I could.

    Hope you manage to get through it at your next attempt.
  • angie2101
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    Audit exam

    Hey, I'm currently waiting for my exa results, don't think I did that well so not expecting a pass. Was annoyed at the fact I got a question about warranty provision on hair straighteners but there is about a 6 word sentence in the book I have about it?! Think I did ok on one of the reports and that's it. Thought the questions were far too ambiguous so don't worry! People have said its one of the hardest exams of level 4!

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