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Hi All,

Not used sage for very long so still learning. Is there a way to have a sub account on a customer account?

For example say 'Company 1' pays a number of invoices for a service and each one of these invoices is for a different person. I need a customer account for each one of these people but also an account for the company which has a total outstanding for all the invoices. I guess kind of like a control account?

Hope that makes sense?




  • mini_schnauzer
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    Maybe you can use the department allocation - each person is given a number (department).
    Your reports can be printed per person to show expenditure for that person.

    There maybe a better way - just an idea.
  • JodieR
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    I'm not going to be much help here but....

    1-0 to quickbooks!
  • deanshepherd
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    There are no winners in the Sage vs Quickbooks debate..

  • blakeyboy89
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    Depends which verison of Sage. Sage 50 wouldn't handle that unless you had different delivery addresses for each person registered against the one company.

    I know Sage 200 has a Head Office/Branch function but this is a much bigger (more functional) package than Sage 50....and no i'm not on commission :)
  • Rozzi Rainbow
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    Apologies if I'm not understanding this correctly, but if another Company is paying some of your invoices for you, could you not set up a bank account in Sage called "Company 1 bank account"? When the invoices are paid, they are posted to this bank account. The total of this bank account shows the total of invoices paid by the other company. If you then make payments towards this, you can show as a bank transfer on Sage from your usual bank account.
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