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Bit confused after reading Aat website and forums. I have passed level 3 and working through level 4 which I hope to finish April this year. I want to become self employed now and work as a Student in Practice - do I need to register with AAT? I have PII and Money Laundering Licence with HMRC. I have been doing company accounts for 25 years and worked last 18 months In practice doing bookkeeping, vat, payroll, self assessments, accounts for sole traders, partnerships and ltd companies etc. Any advice would be helpful


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    I think you only register with the AAT when you join the MIP scheme for which you need to be a full member, not a student.

    AAT students are allowed to carry out work that they are capable of doing (so there isn't going to be any problem with you carrying on with the work you are already doing, seen as how you are so experienced) but you won't be able to make any reference to the AAT in connection with your work until you have completed the qualification and recieved confirmation you have been accepted as a full member of the AAT
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    As UKNitty said but I would speak with the MIP team as I believe they will want you to have an application submitted before you qualify so that they can process the application on the day you do so you are not breaking the rules.

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    advice from GOLFTOTTY#

    GOLFTOTTY Howmutch did PII cost you for your student member in practice cover?

    Registering with HMRC for money laundering regs was that simple like compeliting one form online or
    something similar? Please reply!
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