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I'm really interested in this one day in the future if I manage to work my way up the Accountancy ladder a bit. Could anyone give some advice on the ideal route one would take if they wanted to become a Forensic Accountant?

Secondly, I've got planned to start studying both Personal & Business Tax in a few months but I was wondering if I'd be better off studying External Auditing instead of one of the taxation units bearing the idea of getting into Forensic Accountancy one day in the future. Or will unit choice become slightly irrelevant once I go on to study a higher qualification?

Any insight is appreciated.



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    Units you choose will most probably be irrelevant once you go on but doing audit may help with getting a good grip of things. The ICAEW also have a specialist group for Forensic Accountants. There are a lot of calcuations and background work that goes on mainly looking a lost future potential earnings and looking more closely at set of accounts.

    Those who actually act as the expert witness are more experienced.

    I worked in a firm that did forensic accounting and have since worked with the partner who was the expert witness on one of my own clients cases. It can be interesting work but cases can be quite prolonged as you are often waiting on solicitors and barristers who never seem to move things fast.

    So best thing I can recommend is get a role in a practice that carries out Forensic Accounting and look to show your interest in this area.

    You can try these for research:-

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