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I've just had a new client ask me to be their 'friend' on fb.

Dilemma, I have longstanding friends who have become clients through fb, however this is the first time that a new client has sent a friend request.

It's early days with the new people and they seem really nice, however I'm not quite certain about having clients who don't really know me trawling though my life. Other problem is that I don't wish to offend them either.

Do you have clients on fb?

I don't think I have a problem sharing my waffles on fb with the client, but was reasonably happy with the division between my private life and clients.

What are your thoughts?
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  • Rachel
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    Don't accept - keep your life private. Set up a work page. I have made this mistake, where status up dates are tmi from them.
  • Monsoon
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    anniem wrote: »
    Do you have clients on fb?


    Like you, I have a few that I've known for years and are more like friends, but pure business relationships? No. I have some business networking people on there, but no clients.

    If you aren't happy with it, then don't.
  • clegganator
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    If you post a status like "My clients are MORONS!" and they see it... Well I dare say you'll be red faced...
  • PGM
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    anniem wrote: »
    I've just had a new client ask me to be their 'friend' on fb.

    Some people just seem to like collecting people. I've had requests from old school friends, that I didn't really speak to much at school, or work colleagues that I hardly say hello to when walking past.

    You can ignore the request and has been mentioned add them to a work page, and say you don't really use the other if they ask...
  • jamesm96
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    I totally agree with the other comments here. My Facebook profile is purely for my personal life and friends. I don't add clients (except those who are, indeed, already friends) to Facebook just like I wouldn't invite them over for dinner or phone them for a chat at the weekend.

    LinkedIn and Twitter, though, are another matter. I use those to keep in touch with clients and colleagues. Perhaps if you're concerned about causing offense you might invite them to join your network on LinkedIn?
  • JodieR
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    I'm obviously not as strict about this! i've got several clients as friends on FB - especially the ones I see on a regular basis. Only had one request from an elderly client who I see once a year which I thought was a bit bizarre - didn't really want to offend him by saying no so I accepted but put him on 'Limited Profile' so he can't see any photos or anything. Am very conscious to never vent work frustrations on FB though!
  • jilt
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    I too have a few friends on FB who became clients. I had thought and about this and I think if a client sends me a friends request I will politely say that I cannot accept their request due to reasons specified in my accounting bodies code of conduct, or something like that.
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