ICAS Marking Turnaround

rebecca2rebecca2 Feels At HomePosts: 49Registered
Hi All,

I have submitted my first draft of the dreaded ICAS report today. I am with Premier Training. Can anyone give me a rough estimation of how long it takes to receive feedback?




  • AAT Level 3AAT Level 3 Feels At Home Posts: 75Registered
    I am not with Premier Training, however, I have heard some people saying that Kaplan take upto two months to get back to you with it.

    If you are looking to meet a deadline to start ACA or ACCA then I would give it a couple of weeks then chase it up, if not I would wait a month or so before chasing it.
  • coojeecoojee Experienced Mentor Posts: 794Registered
    They're supposed to mark it within 2 weeks of receipt but as far as I know there's only 1 distance learning provider who actually sticks to that timescale. Being as how you only get 16 weeks to do the whole report from start to finish, having to wait 8 weeks for feedback is ridiculous. I don't know how long Premier take, definately remind them about the 2 week thing though.
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