What is the number to chase for UTR number?

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One of our cleint filled up the Self-employed form and send it to the address provided in the form. He didn't receive the UTR number. He sent the copy of the form again to HMRC for UTR in dec'11. He is still waiting for the update from HMRC.

We have got the Agents Authorisation as well but we can not see this cleint in our HMRC Clients list.

Could somebody please advise us what to do in this situation? Shell we request the client to call 0845-915-4515 or there are other numbers to contact them.

Has the agents got any special numbers to talk to them regarding this?

Many thanks.


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    It's a tricky one that - you can call the local tax office that deals with the taxpayer, but if you don't know the UTR then chances are you don't have a 64-8 in place so they won't talk to you and you'll have to ask the client to call (bit embarrassing!)

    That said, if you do have a 64-8 in place (either because you had the UTR but lost it, or because you used the NI number on the form) they will then post a note of the UTR to either you as the agent or to the taxpayer. They won't give it out over the phone or fax it, unless you're fortunate enough to speak to a very sympathetic advisor who doesn't mind bending the rules for you... don't come across too many of them, unfortunately.
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    HMRC agent line - 0845 366 7855
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