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Oh No ! ICAS woes !

uknittyuknitty Experienced MentorRegistered Posts: 591
So, I've been merrily chipping away at my ICAS project using a case study,

I've put my daughter in nursery today so I get a day free to finally get to the end of my first draft and I have just hit a huge huge stumbling block.

What has happened is I have just spotted one sentence (that was on a "continued overleaf") that completely contradicts information given elsewhere.

I don't want to give actual information about this because it is a live assessment, but I will give you a made up example:

"all suppliers are paid weekly on tuesdays" then over the page "all suppliers are paid monthly on the last friday"

Is this an intentional discrepancy to see if I spot it, or is it just a discrepancy ? I feel like I have screeched to a grinding halt and don't know how to tackle this !


  • NiaNia Feels At Home Registered Posts: 72
    I used the Cookridge Carpets scenario and it was full of inconsistencies. There were a couple of points that I wanted to cover in my report that had inconsistent comments, so I incorporated just one of the points, ignoring the other. If you're really worried about it, you could cover these in an appendix - I didn't and have had my report marked competent.
  • uknittyuknitty Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 591
    Thanks Nia

    I am going to do just that :) I just want to get the first draft in as soon as possible ! Out of interest, who did you sit this unit with (i.e which training provider/college) ?
  • NiaNia Feels At Home Registered Posts: 72
    NP :)

    I'm studying at college - not sure how long for though, as I have a feeling the course is going to close because the course manager is leaving to work elsewhere. It took about 8 weeks to get a competent result through after submission.
  • uknittyuknitty Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 591
    8 weeks :O I was planning on submitting a draft that I was not 100% happy with just to get the feedback that I need to improve the areas that I am not so confident in. Blast - I really need this unit signed off by the end of March.....
  • rebecca2rebecca2 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 49
    uknitty - I am with Premier Training. I submitted my first draft for the ICAS report on Monday 16th, I got my feedback on Weds 18th with a few amendments needed to be made. Who are you with?
  • uknittyuknitty Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 591
    Also with Premier. Tutor has got back to me today and said her turaround time is about 3 days right now, but obv may vary slighly!
  • uknittyuknitty Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 591
    Just booted off my first draft. I'm fully aware that there are huge chunks that need to be re worked but I need to get the feedback so I can work on the weak parts.

    Really, really NOT enjoying this project at all :(
  • rebecca2rebecca2 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 49
    Hi uknitty,

    Hopefully you will receive your feedback early next week. I submitted my first draft like I said on the 16th and I had to upload an amended report and got an email from my tutor today saying it has been marked off as competent :-) stick with it, and in the end things will naturally flow for you! I really struggled at first however by the end I could've wrote so much more!

    Good Luck!
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