AAT Comment 2.0 - would you like to contribute?

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Hi there,

You may/may not have noticed that AAT’s blog, AAT Comment, is back up and running after a little redesign.

We’re also revamping our approach to the blog’s content, and are keen to make it a place where AAT students and members can contribute their knowledge, experience and opinions.

I’m posting here in order to gauge whether any of you might be interested in contributing articles to the site at some point – and, if the idea appeals, what kind of thing you’d like to write about. For instance, one of our students is passionate about helping others find jobs, so she’s started writing a weekly digest of nationwide opportunities. Here’s an example.

Of course we’d be happy to include a link back to your employer, or your own blog, or your LinkedIn profile – or whatever you’d like – with your article. We would also publicise your articles on our various social media channels, and perhaps even in the odd newsletter.

If you’d like to contribute to the the growth of AAT’s online community but wouldn’t be able to spare the time to write whole articles, we’d still like to hear from you – we have other, less time-intensive activities in the pipeline which we'd like your help with.

Interested? Please email community.team@aat.org.uk, answering the following questions:

1. What would you consider to be your expertise(s)? This may be related to accountancy – and the AAT Accounting Qualification - but you may consider yourself to be an expert on running a small business, or public speaking, or using the internet to market your services, or recruiting, or something else relevant to other students/members/centres/employers.

2. Have you written articles for public consumption – whether online or not – before?

3. What sort of articles would you like to see on AAT Comment?

We look forward to hearing from you!

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