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Steve Collings
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Hi All,

I did originally post a similar thread in the Members forum a few months back, but I really do think AAT students will benefit from a free magazine that's available. Now, I don't have any interests in this magazine (but I do write articles for them) - I really do feel students will benefit.

The magazine is called Global Accountant and is aimed at students, newly-qualifieds and qualifieds. I write all their technical financial reporting articles for them and you can see a selection of my articles my clicking on 'Technical' and then 'Financial Accounting' on the link attached. The magazine is delivered free of charge, electronically to you, but you can opt to receive a printed copy in the post from them by dropping them an email.

My next article in the issue due out next week looks at the consolidated statement of financial position and is part of a series of 3. The previous one (which should be on the website) was about IFRS 3 'Business Combinations' and the one after the consolidated SoFP will look at the consolidated SoCI. Given that students often struggle with these, it was considered appropriate these are published now in time for the next wave of study that's shortly to commence.

Feel free to subscribe to the mag - as I said, I don't have any interest in the magazine other than writing for them, but I do feel students (as well as AAT members) will benefit.

All the best



  • reader
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    Hi Steve

    Thanks for the link; I've registered.

    The magazine seems to have achieved the right blend of topical news, technical articles and employability issues.
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