Kaplan AAT Level 3

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Hi is anyone finding Kaplans material hard to get on with?

anyone doing the distance course from them?


  • sscors
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    actually I am finding Kaplan easiar to understand than osbourne books.
  • darrengadd1
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    Hi sscors,

    Ok thats good it means its probs my approach. How are you finding it easier? What units have you started so far?
  • Chrisps303
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    I'm using Kaplan and I'm finding it ok, just look out for mistakes in the book. Theres not as many in the level 3 books
    but level 2 books had a few mistakes.
    I find Kaplan books cover more than you really need but that's not a bad thing.
  • darrengadd1
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    Sccors yer i agree. How often/long do u study for a week? How did u find ap1?
  • darrengadd1
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    Sccors yer i agree. How often/long do u study for a week? How did u find ap1?
  • Chrisps303
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    Ap1 went ok, took me a bit longer than any of the level 2 units.
    Just failed ap2 today so not to happy at the moment.
    I usually study 6 hours Saturday morning and 3 hours Sunday morning and then what ever I can fit in weekdays after
    How are you finding things?
    Had been working ok for me until today's set back.
  • Mollypod88
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    I use Kaplan Distance Learning. Finding Level 3 a big jump from Level 2. Have my first AP1 exam on Monday after deffering it in December. Hope I pass!
  • darrengadd1
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    Hi Guys,

    I am glad iam not the only one finding it a big step up.

    Although i am sorry you have had setbacks.

    Chrisps303 - you study loads! good on you wish i could do that.

    Molly - I am sure you will be fine at least you've got the balls to book it.

    How easy is it to book btw i may just book it and make myself study to motivate me.

    Thinking of adding my msn there isnt a chatroom on here that would be handy could go by groups like each aat level & provider.
  • MWAUGH1983
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    When I did foundation with kaplan I though the material was rediclous; I found the class material repeated what the books said and I just failed to see the point of work out of the class!

    End of the day darren studying is all about preparion and confidence - though I have to admit I have failed on both counts but its all part of the learning process! AP I and II is a diffuclt unit but do the study and it will stick!

    Please message me and we can exchange emails or chat on hotmail/FB ?
  • jockforster
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    Morning all from a fellow worrier :-)
    I passed my APi & II but god knows how, def harder than L2.
    Chrisps...wish I had your motivation!
    I currently study half an hr at lunchtime... if I'm lucky plus another half hour about 10:30pm b4 i fall asleep with it lol
    Working full time with toddler and studying do not mix!
    Just started the spreadsheet module for a wee bit of light reading over xmas and booked in for exam in 2 weeks time to make me get my head down but not holding out much hope and i thot i knew excel!
    as you can see, i should be working but flipped through the aat mag to avoid the books and found this link!...anything but wot i should b doing!...
    If i can help at all with APi or II jst shout
    Cheers, Hazel
  • darrengadd1
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    edited October 2016

    Hi Hazel & thanks Martin will add you,

    I am glad someone is as distracted as me but only because i thought i was the only one.

    Good work hazel on passing them two!!

    As for spreadsheets i haven't totally read all the book but flicked through it most of what you need you can find online maybe copy formulas into a spreadsheet as text to learn them by typing them in to your tasks as you go.

    I know some excel so if i can i will help.
  • darrengadd1
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    Finished the ap1 book now to revise and do practise questions.
  • avalon1163
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    I am currently studying for AAT Level 3 online. Whilst I find that the material is much clearer presented than other books, a huge let down is the sheer amount of mistakes: spelling mistakes (which are the least) but addition mistakes - incorrect explanations etc not only in the books but sadly also online on the en-gage portal.
    It took me over 2 weeks and many mails to get Kaplan to substitute the incorrect recording (debrief of the final accounts for partnerships) which showed the 2nd part of costing.
    On a couple of occasions I gathered screen shots of all the errors and sent them off. After days an apologetic email came back saying that despite all the errors they hope I find the material useful.
    Thing is, when you opt for distant/online learning, you very much have to rely on the accuracy of the teaching material. Otherwise, like today, I sit for hours trying to figure out a concept and it is only after some time and some "googling" etc, that I realise that it is an error...again!! Copy, paste and add to the list, but in the meantime, again I have wasted hours.
    Oh, and virtually no support: the mock exam which I was supposed to fill out and sent off for marking was never returned and when I inquired, again, I received apologies as the e-mail address (as indicated in the course itself) was no longer in use. After I had to chase twice, I received a reply "the day before" the actual exam saying if I'd sent it now, they would correct and return it immediately....I submitted it over 2 weeks before the actual exam to ensure I had enough time to go over areas that needed brushing up. The evening before???
    From reading around the forum, I know that there are many like me how teach themselves and use the results as way to work backwards to understand how the result was obtained. A challenge with Kaplan's material. For Level 3 - I cannot speak for Level 2 or 4.

    Thanks for reading this: I feel sooooo frustrated.
  • Chrisps303
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    I've had the same issue today, level 2 Kaplan books had lots of mistakes but upto now the level 3 books had been much better but the cash management book I have been working from today is pretty poor.

    I was pulling my hair out as I couldnt understand how my answer was wrong ( it wasn't my mistake the book was wrong) and spent about an hour getting pretty frustrated.

    I haven't used any of the support at all upto now I've just been doing my own thing and so far it's worked. I'm glad I
    haven't bothered using it judging by your experiences.
  • JoKnapek
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    Hi Everyone,

    I don't post on here often but I always read through peoples posts related to the level I'm studying. I've completed AAT Level 2 with Kaplan and as others have stated there were a lot of mistakes. I've really enjoyed level 3 so far. I found AP1 a big leap from level 2 but have been enjoying it since. Passed AP2 and have Cash Management exam tomorrow.

    For those studying Kaplan Distance learning we also have a level 3 chatty group here

    Jo :001_smile:
  • sscors
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    Sorry not been on this thread for a while. I originally started with osborne books but found them really difficult to understand and had to postpone AP1 in the end because of this. Switched to Kaplan and it has been plain sailing in AP1 since then. Looking forward to exam instead of dreading it.
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