Is anyone studying the Budgeting unit at the moment?

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Hi Folks

I am about to start on the budgeting unit and was wondering if any of you kind people out there could give any hints or tips about this unit?

Are there any parts that can be slightly confusing or I need to pay particular attention to?



  • siva
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    Budgeting is little bit hard when u try to study from the book. Dont go very deep into anything as i have been doing some practise papers and they are not that difficult like we think when we are studying the book.

    Just grab the ideas behind every unit. We just have to worry about the theory question which will be calculating variances and explaning them.

    You will be fine.
  • guinea pig
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    Hi Geek,
    I took the Budgeting exam yesterday, you need to understand various concepts, but they won't necessarily come up in the exam. I found the exam quite predictable; practice, practice, practice - the AAT assesments, AAT Greenlight, and the Osborne quizzes, and look at as many written answers as possible.
    Good luck,
  • geek84
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    Thanks for your responses folks.
  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Geek

    Definitely try the greenlight tests and also make sure you attempt the practice CBAs to see how they look and to get a feel of the layout!

    Good luck.

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